Resurrections- An Adam Warlock and Thanos Podcast A podcast dedicated to the Marvel Comics characters Adam Warlock and Thanos

July 12, 2020  

Al and Brian take on the 5 page Thanos/Drax story from the back of Logan's Run #6. Despite it being just a 5 page story they were still able to fill out the time with talk about Logan's Run. Then, Mike from Comics In The Golden Age joins me for the second half of the show as we look at the other comics out in June 1977.

Cable Guide

Clock King- Batman: The Animated Series

Comic Book Resources- Logan's Run article

Comic Book Time Machine

DC Implosion (TwoMorrows)


Fear Lords

Grand Comic Database


Last Sons of Krypton

Mad Thinker


Mike's Amazing World

Mike Zeck

Scarecrow- Marvel (the other one)

Scott Edelman



Opening Music- Intro Pompeii from Lino Rise

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