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August 14, 2019  

Al and Joe are back with Infinity Countdown!  This episode we cover Infinity Countdown #3, Infinity Countdown: Captain Marvel #1, Infinity Countdown: Daredevil #1 and Infinity Countdown: Darkhawk #1.  Turk Barrett, Death's Head and the proper role of babies on a battlefield!  

Aliens "The Only Way To Be Sure"

Cheers "What Color Is The Sky In Your World"

Coffee & Comics



FW Team-Up

Grand Comic Database

Grateful Dead- Casey Jones

Lord of the Rings- Theoden Rides Out 


Mike's Amazing World

Newsarama Article About Jim Starlin- Part 1

Newsarama Article About Jim Starlin- Part 2


The Tick "That's Where I Keep All My Stuff"

Tini Howard Twitter


Turk Barrett- Daredevil Stops Turk's Deal


Uncovering The Bronze Age

Opening Music- "Intro Pompeii" by Lino Rise

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