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September 18, 2019  

Well.  It's finally out!  Part 5 of our Infinity Countdown coverage.  Only one more to go after this!  This episode we read Infinity Countdown #4, Infinity Countdown: Black Widow #1, Infinity Countdown: Champions #1 and Infinity Countdown: Darkhawk #2 &3.  Which means a lot of talk about the original Guardians of the Galaxy, the New Warriors, Yellowjacket and the Hobbit.  Of course!

Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes- Yellowjacket



Grand Comics Database

Guardians of the Galaxy- End Credit Scene

Guardians of the Galaxy- Original Team

The Hobbit- The Greatest Adventure


Mike's Amazing World

Return of the King- Where There's A Whip...

Rocky- Yo Adrian

Three Amigos- Real Bullets


Opening Music- "Intro Pompeii" by Lino Rise

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Closing Music- Sound Design Provided by Jason Donnelly

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