Resurrections- An Adam Warlock and Thanos Podcast A podcast dedicated to the Marvel Comics characters Adam Warlock and Thanos

November 10, 2019  

Represented from my now defunct Pop Culture Palace podcast, here is part two of a group discussion with Jon M. Wilson, W. Blaine Dowler and Brian Zino on the different ages of comics.  This time we cover the Silver Age and the Bronze Age!

Adventure Comics #247

Amazing Spider-Man #96

Amazing Spider-Man #121

Brian's Twitter

Bureau 42

Captain America #328

Cheers Cast- Just Three Friends

The Collective

Comic Book Historians

The Comic

Conan #1

Dave Stevens (DC Universe character)

Detective Comics #395

Fantastic Four #1

Fantastic Four #102

Flash #123

Green Lantern/Green Arrow #76


Justice League International: Bwah-Ha-Ha Podcast

Jon's Twitter

Make Ours Marvel

Marv Wolfman (name controversy)

Nexus of all Realties

Showcase #4

Showcase #22

Superman #233

Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen #133

Swamp Thing

Thanos Discussion Thread



Unofficial 75 Greatest Marvels Countdown Podcast

West Side Story- When You're A Jet

Word Balloon (episode with Neal Adams talking about Speedy)


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