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May 17, 2020  

The hiatus is over and we are back with regular episodes!  To celebrate being back we have an extra long episode that is packed with podcasters and comics!  First we have Bill Robinson and Paul Spataro from Back to the Bins (among other shows) helping me to cover Iron Man 88-91 and then Into the Weird and Longbox of Darkness's Herman Louw is here to go over Fantastic Four #172.  Plus, what is the meaning of the episode name?  You will find out in the first 10 minutes!  Be warned!!

Angel- Evil Hand

Anime Freaks

Capes and Lunatics



Fantasticast Episode 227

Fantasticast Episode 230

Grand Comics Database

Hansen- MMMBop

Is It Jaws?

Leonard Nimoy- The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins

Lionel Richie- Easy

Listen to the Prophets


Meatloaf- Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad

Mike's Amazing World

Mike Esposito

Midnight Cowboy

Midnight Express

Midnight Run

Robocop- I'd Buy That For A Dollar


Sealab 2021- Rubber Spoon

Tom and Jerry- Crambone


Opening Music- Intro Pompeii by Lino Rise

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Closing Music- Sound Design Provided by Jason Donnelly

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