Resurrections- An Adam Warlock and Thanos Podcast A podcast dedicated to the Marvel Comics characters Adam Warlock and Thanos

September 26, 2021  

Representing the next three appearances of Death from the Golden Age Timely Comics! With material from episodes 102, 124 and 132. Featuring the Golden Age Thunderer, Black Marvel and Young Allies with Jason from the Podcast That Goes Snikt!

Al Avison

Boy Commandos

Don Rico


George Klein

Grand Comic Database

Howard James

Last Sons of Krypton

Legion of Substitute Podcasters


Mike's Amazing World of Comics

Newsboy Legion

The Owl (Golden Age)

The Owl (Modern)

Saturday Night Movie Sleepovers



Opening Music- "Intro Pompeii" by Lino Rise

Licensed Under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Closing Music- Sound Design provided by Jason Donnelly 

All Rights Reserved

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