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April 7, 2019  

We finally get started on our Infinity Countdown coverage!  Al's brother Joe is back and helping him cover the first three parts of last years Infinity Countdown.  Guardians of the Galaxy #150, Infinity Countdown: Adam Warlock and Infinity Countdown: Prime.  Guardians!  Novas!  Raptors!  Kang!  Wolverine!  It all starts here....

A Gal Walks Into A Comic Shop


Army of Darkness- this is my broomstick 


Cosmic Boy

Elders of the Universe


Gerry Duggan

Grand Comics Database

Guardians of the Galaxy #150

Guardians of the Universe

It All Comes Back To Superman


Mike's Amazing World

Rocky (Rocky Horror Picture Show)

Scott Adsit

Secret Origins



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Lino Rise "Into Pompeii"

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